How do I become a football scout?

I can relate to anyone looking to become a 1st team professional football scout! I started scouting professionally aged 19 without any academic qualifications, contacts or playing experience, whilst also being continuously told I was too young & had no chance in working in the industry, which only fuelled my motivation!

Rewinding back to when in school, I was very introverted & only ever passionate about football & analysing the game! I was that guy who was addicted to Championship Manager as it was before Football Manager, whilst planning my tactics / shortlist at the back of my books! 

Steve Simmons - How I started football scouting aged just 19

I’ve always known it was the only industry I ever wanted to work in. Realistically I knew I was never going to be good enough to play professionally, particularly in struggling with anxiety/depression but also simply in not being good enough!

I’ve never even been particularly confident & certainly not extroverted but a very deep & analytical thinker! So, what was the next best thing with the above in mind that I could/wanted to do?

Football Scouting without doubt!  

Through the basics that anyone can do in terms of being hard working, reliable, professional & in using initiative I went from cleaning tables in my local café at 16 years old to working in the industry where my heart is in becoming a professional scout aged 19 years old. By the time I was 21 I was living my dream in working in the Premier League as European Scout

I have been fortunate enough to do the job I love for over 15 years & now want to help aspiring scouts in giving back to the sport I love!

I will share my story with you & tips in thinking outside the box to how I got my foot in the door & where from then on through motivation alone the snowball effect began in me working in League 2 to then working in the Premier League within a short period of time.

If you are self intrinsically motivated then I believe everything else follows in terms of hard work, desire to learn, improve & succeed as well as in going the extra mile! With that, naturally comes opportunity!!!

In working in various scouting roles for clubs in all tiers of English professional football over 15 years, including over 10 combined at Premier League level as a 1st team UK/European scout, Next Opposition analyst & Scouting Manager I can pass on my experience, insight, education of learning from the best at the highest level & training of modern day scouting technology to aspiring scouts who are looking to become a professional football scout!

You will be fully supported by Football Scouting Worldwide until we assist your goals in scouting for a professional football club!



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