Having been an aspiring scout since the age of 11, I never knew how to take the steps to get onto my desired career path. I stumbled across Steve and FSW, and got the process started with an open mind. I can honestly say I have never met such an inspirational mentor and leader than Steve. He will support you every step of the way, and provide you with all of the essential tools to be a successful football scout. I can't recommend Steve highly enough, or thank him enough times for his time and efforts he invested in my development. Upon completion I immediately began working for FC Twente as a first team video scout. Working as a video scout allows me to work from home and flexibly in covering games for them in creating my scouting reports.
Ash Petch - Online football courses for sports business
I messaged Steve as I have been a Referee and a Coach in football for a few years now but wanted a faster and more hands-on route to the top level, as progress in the other 2 lanes is typically quite slow. I was amazed at Steve’s own personal story and knew instantly that I wanted to replicate and even eclipse what he managed in his scouting career. The speed, insight and general helpfulness that Steve gave pre-course, even before I had handed over any money shows simply that this is more than a business for him; it is a way of life. He has a genuine desire to help people achieve what they can, and even if they do not do the course, he offers insight and time, which is more than can be said for any other course online. Regarding the course itself, I think the biggest compliment I can pay it is that it feels self-catering. Steve is always just a message or email away, but the documentation provided, partnered with the seminars you get sent gives you the confidence and knowledge to give it a go regardless! Steve always pushes me regarding feedback, even if the report is good, he will always make me ask myself ‘How can I make this better?’ which allows me to further my own knowledge of the game. Moreover, the course also offers immense opportunities, from scouting live one-off games for EFL Clubs, to Hospitality Experiences at greatly reduced prices, to even recommending scouts to professional football clubs. With FSW, the possibilities in football are endless, and I’m seeing first hand the rapid growth that is taking place. Despite me only being 18 and a fairly novice scout, Steve put his faith into me by recommending me to FC Twente ahead of the new season. I fundamentally believe that FSW will continue to give me opportunities that will shape my life forever. I am proud to say I am a course attendee of Football Scouting Worldwide, but I am more honoured to say I have been taught, mentored and guided by Steve Simmons, who, in a world full of selfishness, prides himself on generosity, kindness and – in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger – Giving Something Back.
Alfie Watts - Online football courses for sports business
Steve is fantastic with his feedback, support and knowledge. An average guy working in the NHS to opportunities working for pro clubs. Well worth the money for the confidence this has brought. I fully recommend this course. I am now working for a L1 club!
Andy Mitchell - Online football courses for sports business
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Steve for his support and mentorship throughout the Football Scouting Worldwide course. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about what to look for / how to create reports and communicate key factors whether it’s a player report or next opposition report. The value from the course is second to none and the online calls we had with top players and scouts was a great additional touch. Feedback was always very helpful and helped me understand and learn quickly.
Dale Waring - Online football courses for sports business
This course is a fantastic way to get in to the game if, like me, you have no idea where to start! I have always had a passion for football but never knew how to get involved so I can't recommend this course enough. I have gained priceless insight from some huge names in football such as: Chris Hughton, Joleon Lescott, Steve McClaren and Steve Walsh. The criteria & guides provided are clear on requirements to instruct and Steve provides quick and extremely useful detail/feedback and presents really good opportunities to experience real life scouting; online and at games!
Joe Wheeler - Online football courses for sports business
My time on the course has been fantastic! Ever since reaching out for more information Steve has been first class, really honest and approachable with any questions I have had about the course. The feedback he gives on reports is great & it’s really helped me learn what it’s going to take to be a successful scout at 1st team level. I would recommend FSWW to anyone!!
Max Rawlings - Online football courses for sports business
If you have a passion for football and want to start a career in football, this is the course for you! Steve is extremely attentive and is the perfect role model to learn from with his years of experience in scouting for some of the biggest clubs in England. He will invite you into zoom chats with icons within the game such as Steve McLaren (ex England manager), Steve Walsh (former head of recruitment for Everton/Leicester) & Tony Coton (Manchester United Head Goalkeeping scout). You will receive invaluable advice from these elite professionals. Steve will provide you with all of the tools and advice to provide you with a platform and skill set to turn your hobby into a potential profession. Value for money is an understatement and if the course was 5 times the cost, it would still be a bargain! Thank you Steve! I am now working as a 1st team scout for a L1 club!
Jack Kendall - Online football courses for sports business
Having completed the FSW course I am now currently part of the scouting team at a professional club in the UK. The experiences you will get, the things you will learn and opportunities presented to you are second to none, everything is geared up for preparing you to work in a professional environment. Steve is highly knowledgeable, attentive and approachable, he really does make the course what it is and is a huge reason why the course is so enjoyably. Due to the way the course is structured it’s absolutely possible to balance this with full time work and other commitments, as I did, all it requires from you is to remain committed to what you want to achieve. You will learn to watch games from a different perspective, how scouting and professional football clubs work. You will always thank yourself for giving yourself this platform and taking the first step into the professional game.
Jack Williams - Online football courses for sports business
Absolutely loved the course and would recommend to anyone. Steve Simmons is a great mentor and gives you the time you need to work around your work/family life. Roll on July when I start working for my first club!
Scott Paxton - Online football courses for sports business
I have loved every minute of doing the FSW course. From receiving templates, handbook guides and sample reports, Steve is always available and offers you honest feedback with regards to assignments. The live webinars with ex-players and of course Steve, give a great insight to what a scout looks for as well as offering expert advice. I am now working as a 1st Team European Scout
Lee Mayes - Online football courses for sports business
I've thoroughly enjoyed my time completing the course. The experience and knowledge I've gained is invaluable and the support from Steve was excellent. Having the opportunity to hear from elite figures in the industry was also such a fantastic insight.
Harry Hale - Online football courses for sports business
I've really made a personal push to try and get into the football industry and Steve's Football Scouting Worldwide course has been the most eye-opening, practical and beneficial course I could have undertaken. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get involved in the scouting industry to take this course!
Max Henry - Online football courses for sports business
I just want to say a huge thank you to Steve and the Football Scouting Worldwide course. Fantastic detail and guidance from Steve where I now feel very prepared for my journey in football thanks to the course & have begun working as a professional 1st team scout.
Jayson Boocker - Online football courses for sports business
For all those football enthusiasts who want to try and do something they have a true passion in, this course is absolutely the one for you. This scouting course gives you the opportunity to use the software real scouts use & learn how professional scouts report on players/teams. On top of this, Steve will support you every step of the way! I have enjoyed this course very much and learnt so much! Thanks to Steve and through this course, I now have the opportunity to scout for a football club.
Karan Matharu - Online football courses for sports business
I recently completed Steve's Football Scouting Worldwide course. The tuition and guidance helped me to get to grips with reporting on players. He then managed to help me get a scouting position with an English Championship side which has given me opportunities to scout online but also attend games in person. A massive thank you to Steve. I couldn't recommend this course any more. If you love football and want to become a scout then this is the course to go for!
Lewis Mitchell - Online football courses for sports business
I have recently completed my scouting course with Football Scouting Worldwide. I would highly recommend this to anybody interested in scouting and is unsure on where to start. The feedback from Steve Simmons on all reports created was valuable and insightful, which helped me develop my style and improve the way I reported and watched games. Nothing seemed like a hassle to Steve, who was happy to help out with any questions and provide advice/direction. Cheers Steve and FSW!
Andy Crew - Online football courses for sports business
Football Scouting Worldwide is a great course for anyone looking to go into football scouting! I was struggling to get a job and thought I would try something new and different...before I came across this course it never even entered my head that I could combine what I love doing (watching football) and work! Steve, the course leader, is a great mentor, will always guide you every step of the way and is always available if you have any problems or need assistance! On top of that, being a professional scout himself, he has the contacts to put you in touch with members of staff at professional clubs to get your foot in the door and build up your own contact list! I have learned so much from Steve, including how to write quality reports, what to look for in every position and how to present data effectively. Steve also offers Zoom calls with big names in football (managers, ex-footballers and members of scouting and recruitment departments at various football clubs), such as Harry Redknapp, Steve Walsh, Steve McClaren, Chris Hughton and Joleon Lescott to name a few! If you regularly check the social media page, you will see these advertised, as well as live scouting opportunities for different professional clubs! I am currently scouting for a top European club and loving every minute of it! There is a fair bit of writing and watching games can be time consuming, but you can do the course whenever possible, in your own time and there’s never any pressure to get it done for a deadline...plus if you find something you love doing, then you never have to work again really! I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and the course at Football Scouting Worldwide and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is an aspiring football scout! If you watch games analytically, can have strong opinions about players or even just want a job in the world of football through the love of the game, I would absolutely give this course a try!
Oliver Breare - Online football courses for sports business
I love football and have seen a lot of matches and like to watch players. By coincidence, I came across the company FOOTBALL SCOUTING WORLDWIDE on Instagram and actually without thinking, I signed up for the scouting course. That's how I came into contact with the course leader Steve Simmons. You will be guided very well, and you will receive many tips and feedback on how to make a report or what you should pay attention to. A lot of people from the football world are a live chats, who also give tips and how it works in football such as Steve Walsh, Chris Hughton, Joleon Lescott and Steve McClaren. Very educational and you will achieve something with it. I don't regret it at all and I want to thank Steve for everything he taught me about scouting.
Fernando Van Der Vaart - Online football courses for sports business
I can gladly say I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to complete this course as it now gives me the opportunity to work in football for professional clubs which previously, I never could have imagined possible. The course provides excellent information to learn the role of a professional scout and gives accessibility to the best technology used by professional scouts and clubs throughout the world. I had a very positive experience with Steve throughout the course with him giving me professional advice on all my scouting reports. Personally, having only experienced playing football at semi-pro clubs I have always been doubtful as to how far I could go in terms of job opportunities at a professional level and without the help of the course I don’t think that would have been possible so if you are interested in being involved in football I would highly recommend this course.
Connor OLeary - Online football courses for sports business
If you have a passion for football and like me you were un-sure of a way to get into the game, then this is a definitely a great way for you to start, it’s stress free and can be done in your own time with no deadlines to hit and you are always receiving feedback from every assignment to help you learn and progress to make your next assignment even better!
Damien Woodcock - Online football courses for sports business
This is a fantastic course for learning all there is to know about professional scouting. From exclusive calls with Steve McClaren, Steve Walsh and Joleon Lescott to producing in depth detailed dossiers. Steve’s guidance and feedback has been really fantastic. It’s a flexible course, there’s no rush, you can learn at your own pace and this is something that’s really benefitted me in doing so alongside a full time job. Seeing fellow members who have completed this course before me and securing roles at professional clubs is really encouraging. Thanks Steve!
GEORGE HOLDEN - Online football courses for sports business
The football scouting worldwide course has been one of the best courses I have ever taken. Not only was it extremely informative but it was incredibly enjoyable to do. Never in my life did I imagine getting excited over receiving a new assignment! Steve is absolutely fantastic and extremely helpful, there is no doubt he can get the best out of anyone. Not once did I ever feel stressed, Steve makes sure that you are okay and the feedback is incredibly helpful. If you are considering a career in football then this course will definitely benefit you and improve you in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Thank you Steve for everything you have done.
Matthew Hayward - Online football courses for sports business
I've looked for a way to get into the football business for a while and came across Football Scouting Worldwide. Steve who is the mentor of the course provided me with knowledge and information on how to become a scout at the highest level. Steve assists you with every question you have and provides superb feedback. The course also provides you with the opportunity to learn from the best via Zoom chats with Steve Walsh, Tony Coton, Steve McLaren to name just a few. This course is definitely worth the cost if you compare it to the bigger organizations where you are just a number. Steve puts his time and effort into helping you become your absolute best regarding scouting and I recommend this course for anyone who's thinking about becoming a scout FSWW is the right pathway!
Isac Gluhic - Online football courses for sports business
I received excellent support and guidance from the course mentor Steve Simmons, who was very attentive, knowledgeable and willing to help in any way he could to assist me in achieving the best I could. This course was very insightful with excellent and in-depth webinars and Q&A sessions with top ex players and current managers, coaches and scouts. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get into a career in Football.
Danny Lee Murphy - Online football courses for sports business
Steve's course has given me an excellent starting position to grow into a career in football. Starting from zero scouting experience, Steve helps create a base knowledge of how to be a scout and coaches you through your development and understanding of how to scout, create reports and use scouting platforms within a club environment. What has been even better is Steve's links to clubs and scouting networks that open up doors into an actual football career. A great investment in your future that grants you access to a pool of knowledge and information and links with club greats like Steve Walsh. If you're unsure about how to become a scout, I would recommend you take this course!
Adam Gregory - Online football courses for sports business
Having made the decision to give this a go I cannot recommend Football scouting Worldwide enough. The joining pack received was full of excellent examples and information. The course got better and better from that point. Being able to use professional platforms like Wyscout to produce detailed reports was great as well as being under the instruction of a first class mentor in Steve Simmons. The course was not only interesting and informative with great feedback provided and support, but really works where having obtained enough knowledge and confidence through this course, I am now producing reports for a professional club. Steve provides opportunities to use the skills learnt during live professional games and to experience what it is like to be a scout whilst still providing all the necessary support and help. With Steve’s knowledge and skill set twinned with zoom sessions with highly respectable ex players, managers etc this is must for anyone seriously considering this as a future career. You will not be disappointed. I am now scouting for a L2 club at 1st team level!
Stu Taylor - Online football courses for sports business
Football Scouting Worldwide provides a fantastic scouting course. I learnt important skills used for scouting and gained valuable experience in doing player reports and next opposition reports. Guest speakers such as Tony Cotton and Steve McClaren to name some gave me insight of what it’s like to work for a professional club and what advice they would give to new and upcoming football scouts. Steve Simmons ran the course brilliantly, providing personal feedback to your work with what was good and what can be improved on. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who interested in scouting, very good value for money too!
Kai Thompson - Online football courses for sports business
This course is a must if you want to get into scouting, I came from a coaching background & briefly touched on scouting. The level of scouting that you learn is of an extremely high level, the real fine details are shown to you. Steve is a fantastic mentor who gives great feedback to help you. I’m currently a 1st team scout for a L2 club & really enjoying it .
Marc Wardley - Online football courses for sports business
I've always wanted to work within football as its my passion. I stumbled across FSWW and spoke to Steve and decided to sign up. I didn't really know what to expect but with an open mind I got started. Steve has been absolutely fantastic with me from day 1. From the detailed guides, templates and examples he sends to the feedback he gives on my reports, I couldn't have asked for more of him. I’ve gained amazing insight from the likes of Steve Walsh, Steve McClaren and Chris Hughton through Zoom calls provided by Steve. Steve has recently provided me an opportunity to work for a top flight European club as a 1st team scout, which is an incredible opportunity for me to gain first hand experience and further my career in scouting. I honestly could not recommend Steve and FSW enough or thank him enough for all the time, effort and patience he's put in me. If anyone is looking to get into scouting this course is a fantastic way to get started.
Steve gave me an excellent in-depth phone call and has given me the chance to participate in listening first-hand from the likes of Steve McClaren, Chris Hughton, Jolean Lescott and Steve Walsh. Very in depth and interesting and there is no better way than listening to stories from Steve and other special guests as these tips will be priceless. The course has given me a focus on what I want to do in my career and it’s fair to say I am excited for times ahead!
Zak Cameron - Online football courses for sports business
I have really enjoyed my experience on the Football Scouting Worldwide course so far and look forward to even more in the future. I have particularly enjoyed the zoom sessions with well-known ex managers such as Chris Hughton and Steve McClaren as well as ex player Joleon Lescott. Steve Simmons has led the sessions very well and has asked all the right questions, all of which I have noted and learnt a lot from. Leicester chief scout, Steve Walsh (who has been on 2 sessions) was also very interesting to listen to about his experiences with players like Vardy, Mahrez and Kante. As well as doing the zoom sessions, I have learnt a lot from doing individual player reports as well as next opposition reports. The player reports in particular I have found really stimulating and useful. It has made me watch normal football games in a different way now for the better. Really focusing on one or two players really makes you appreciate every aspect/attribute that goes into a specific player/ position. With the next opposition reports, it is something completely new for me to analyse a specific team in a lot of detail. To be able to use Wyscout has been such a useful tool and has made me really want to use it for myself in the future. It has definitely given me a real insight into what professional scouts have to do. There have also been some opportunities to watch and scout games live recently which I am really hoping to do soon to put what I have learnt into real practice. Overall, I feel like the course and Steve Simmons in particular has really helped me with my scouting career. Personally, I find Steve Simmons very relatable and inspirational when he says he is not the most confident person. I have found his personal experiences fascinating to listen to, especially his conversation with Gareth Bale which will stick with me! I hope to keep in contact with Steve in the future and would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in football scouting!
Blank name - Online football courses for sports business
My favourite thing about this course is that it gives me time to practice, without deadlines and it makes me feel free to say my opinion on anything without being judged negatively, but supported and encouraged to open my mind and improve myself. I also want to say that the support of the tutor is great: always ready to help and to provide honest, professional and beneficial feedback, that is absolutely making a positive impact on my development.
Alberto Del Favero - Online football courses for sports business
I highly recommend this course to anyone starting out on a career in the football industry or looking to increase their scouting knowledge. I have experience in talent ID at national league level, working with Steve has helped me further develop my skills and increase the quality in my reports both on a tactical and technical level. The live webinars also offer a great insight from some well-established people within the game.
Dean Ellis - Online football courses for sports business
I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learnt so much about scouting so far! Steve has provided so much information, been there when needed and helped massively! Can't thank him enough for helping me on this journey into scouting! I have enjoyed the Zoom calls / tutorials showing us through material such as dossiers and Wyscout. I have found it a privilege to be a part of calls with scouts from clubs such as Leicester City so far. The main thing I have loved is how hands on we are with scouting work & in receiving feedback on reports, which has been massive in helping developing my report writing.
Ben Bartram - Online football courses for sports business
Upon starting the course I Found Steven really helpful and approachable. The report templates were fantastic and the video calls I found really insightful. Highly recommend FSWW!!
Ben Gascoigne - Online football courses for sports business
Working with Steve and the team at FSWW has been a great opportunity that has provided me with experience in report writing in team and player analysis. I have also had the opportunity to get advice and gain an insight into scouting from experienced professionals within the football industry. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to build a portfolio and/or get into football scouting.
Conor Wilson - Online football courses for sports business
This course has given me so much experience in scouting! It has allowed me to use my football knowledge and obsession with the sport to put it towards working in the industry. I’ve gained so much valuable advice from Steve and the guest speakers he’s had. This course is one of the best things I’ve done and I feel so ready to work for a club now.
Phil Bashford - Online football courses for sports business
I've loved doing the FSWW course and it's been a real eye opener into the detail that scouts go into when reporting on players and teams. The live chats were well planned out and you learn a lot from the guest speakers too (Chris Hughton & Steve Walsh just to name a few) Steve is very attentive and gives you honest and open feedback on your reports where it's needed. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to work in the football industry!
Liam Hackett - Online football courses for sports business
The course provides a good insight into the world of scouting and how a scouting report needs to be written. Steve provided fantastic and quick feedback to all assignments allowing me to progress through at a good pace. Steve also directed live Zoom chats with tutorials on scouting software such as Wyscout and how to use them. On the live chats we were also able to hear from industry leaders such as Chris Hughton and Steve Walsh! The course has provided me with a fantastic inside view of the World of Professional Scouting and I can’t wait to use my scouting knowledge gained from the course practically.
Callum McLean - Online football courses for sports business
Overall I have very much enjoyed the course as it is informative, challenging and has given me an insight into what it takes to work at the highest level of the game. I have found the assignments enjoyable as they have made me look at the game from a different perspective as a scout as opposed to seeing the picture as a coach. Being able to sit on the live chats with people who work within the industry has proven to be a real eye opener for me and has made me want to strive to reach that level.
Ross Bain - Online football courses for sports business
A great platform to learn about scouting and analysis . This has given me the opportunity to experience how professional scouts work at the highest level in the game. A brilliant experience with the team of FSWW who helped me achieve new skills at the comfort of my home.
Pratik Kashyap - Online football courses for sports business
If you want to start a career In football scouting then I highly recommend signing up to Football Scouting Worldwide! Steve is brilliant in making you feel at ease when you first start and always gives you plenty of encouragement and all the information you need in order to go on and be a professional scout. The course gives you a different perspective of the beautiful game, as you watch games from a different angle, rather than as a fan. You also get zoom calls from chief scouts and former professional managers and players during the course! Steve is very helpful and will always respond to your queries during the course. I’ve now started working for a Polish team as a video scout due to Steve putting me forward, and have also started going to top tier matches at under 23 level. If you love watching football and believe you can make a difference to a professional club, then this is the course for you! Thanks once again to Steve for all his knowledge passed on.
Billy Watson - Online football courses for sports business

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